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Friday, December 14, 2012

Review of Organix brazilian keratin treatment


This Nice Lady has some major hair issues!!!

yes I have unmanageble crazy curly hair. And it's super thick and I have tons of it. This pisture really doesn't give it the bad name it deserves. I'm always the optomist looking for something new to help me tame these lock or blow'em out! So last night I tried Organix "Brazilian Keratin Therapy" so far I'm pleased with the out come, it does take a little elbow grease to blow dry and some patience but I puched on through. Here are the results:




  1. Your hair turned out great! Having curly hair is not as easy as many women think! It takes a lot of work to control those curls and keep the frizz away.

  2. So far I would recommend this product. I'm here in Monterey,CA it's freezing and wet outside. So far no sign of frizz or curly Q's. i have only touched up once and that was adding more of the keratin treatment about a dime and ran through my hair, just in case! But this item is a definite must have. At 14.99 it's a good purchase.