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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Raider game @ coliseum

This Nice Lady is a "RAIDER FAN" 

We celebrated Christmas a week early!
This year my husband and I decided to take our kids to their 1st Raider Game in Oakland, CA. Yes I know SCARY right! But really it was an amazing experience for them and us. Everyone seemed so welcoming and nice. We came home with tons of freebies and photos. As a bonus we also took my mother in law, yes this is a good thing I love her!
Oakland was a whopping 42 degress, but that was paradise compared to the 30 degress in Monterey we had just been in. Even my hair had a great time, NO FRIZZ! so kuddos to Organix again!

Good thing they have a sense of humor

Above: Tozzak, Emerald, Gabriel and The Violator

My Beautiful kids with Raider Jake

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