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Monday, December 10, 2012

Battle of the BULGE

Today this Nice Lady has started a fight against the bulge.... weighing in at a whopping 168 yikes!
This was after our trip to Laughlin, NV. Can you say "all you can eat" yes thats exactly what I did. Not to mention all the free flowing beer (cuz I'm a Nice Lady) so needless to say I have been successfully packing on the pounds. I mean wow with totally no effort on my part, really I could turn this into a goal and cross it off my bucket list.
At this point even those awesome "spanks" couldn't help me. Worse part is this Friday is my husbands christmas party! Picture this MLB at the beautiful Hilton Hotel and majority of the wives are the typical ORANGE COUNTY blondes fake boobs and tummy tucks galore. So here I am 5'4" on a good day bouncing in at 168 oh bajesus.  
What I realized it's not just the number 168 but the way I feel. ICKY. I'm tired, don't feel the tinyest bit attractive and worse my pants are tight. So I'm gonna attack this nasty SOB we call weight gain with a combo of the Cabbage soup diet and Slim Quick!
No most definitley the healthiest way but I'm desperate! It's go time baby and I'm on a mission. I'm prepared for the mood swings the insane cravings, I hope my family is too. I'll keep the post updated!


Ok I made it through day 1, I woke up a little hungry but okay. This morning I had my soup along with the three slim quick tablets. I haven't felt any negative effects yet (yipee). For lunch I'm having a bunch of fruit and "the soup" with tons of water. I really feel good, I think my body needed a cleanse. I mean when your main food source is fried, chilied or comes from a window with a teenager wearing a headset you got some issues!


Good gravy!! ok it's day 3 I was hungry this morning but I stuck to my meal plan. not gonna lie it is a tad bit hard, especially since I have teenagers. Darn kids can eat anything and everything, those sourdough jacks from jack n the box smell soooooooo good. My husnamd has been helpful usually he will have an awesome dinner and eat with no care in the world, but I have to give it to him. He's been very supportive these last couple of days. Today before lunch I was hungry! I was counting the minutes till my lunch. I enjoyed my 2 tangerines, 1 orange and a bowl of my cabbage soup. It will egt me through till dinner, thank goodness I'll be to busy to sit and watch the Food Network. So here's to another day of fighting the fight!


Sorry no update yesterday but holy moly, I was tired. Yesterday was a small struggle, but I treated myself to some sauted brussell sprouts! mmmm they're delicious. I've been waiting for today, it's my husbands Xmas party tonight and I've made some strides towards my goals. Today I weighed in at 158.8 woo moo 10lbs. gone, yes I know they can come back quickly. I need to make the promise to myself to stay on my path. I will hold myself responsible for my eating/workout habits. Please forgive the amatuer photos, but my photographer was not on site. I did my best? So by day 5, 10lbs lighter and I feel it too.



  1. Some of us could use your tips and suggestions, as the holidays are around the corner. Too many food temptations means...extra pounds. Good luck on your quest to lose weight!

    1. Last night was a challenge, my sons football banquet. Featuring a NACHO BAR, so I ate all the tomatoes, olives and jalapenos I could! I will definitley keep you updated!!