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Monday, January 14, 2013

Cocktail hour @ home

Tonight no Mixologist needed!

Well it was Saturday night and wow for a change we're home! All of us the whole household. I stopped by the market on the way home, and thought tonight I would like to have a nice girly/sweet cocktail. No special occasion, no stress just a nice little cocktail for myself. While I was at Stater Bros. i walked down their liqour aisle and found this little doosey!
Blue Rasberry/Lemon Vodka 12.5% alchohol. So I did a little taste test before actually serving myself (1oz. portions). My first try was adding lemon, it still had a slight after taste. Second I added salt & lemon trying to give it a little tart bitter taste, nope still after taste. Then I had some lemon lime mineral water, ding ding ding. this worked best. I sed about 6oz of the UV Vodka poured over 1c of ice and added the mineral water to top it off.
This was the best combo for me. Your taste might be different so dabble a little.


  1. I've tried UV before, but in a different flavor. This sounds very tasty!

    1. Once I dolled it up a bit I did like it!