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Monday, January 7, 2013

Relationships & Intimacy, do couples communicate enough?

Well this weekend just flew by, how is it that time seems to be literally slipping nthru my fingers?

Luckily I was able to spend some quality time with my "Nice ladies" ahh refreshing. After a nice lunch date we carried off into the evening for a hilarious game of dominos, some of us can count, some of can't. Any who there was this young couple there, and by young I mean younger than me. Well they have been in a relationship for about 10yrs. The topic of our subject would've been inappropriate for some but for me, nah. I try and be honest with everyone and try to offer the best advice I can. When the topic of SEX/ INTIMACY comes up I respond with respect and honesty. If you treat the discussion like a joke or don't take it seriously how our we ever going to educate the ones who need to know.

Well this couple's question was: How do I know she is happy or feels satisfied?
A: well beyond just asking, do you talk about each others needs in bed?
His/Her reply was no!, I asked well then how do you ever expect to know exactly how your partner desires, likes, dislikes or fantasy.

Now I'm no therapist but when a couple communicates I believe their intimate relationship takes on a whole other role. It keeps them connected on another level. When you appreciate your partner and their needs, as well as your own what you create is no longer just SEX it's called Making Love.

Some couples go years without even knowing their partners sensitive spots or secret needs. You can only imagine how taboo it is to even mention to your own spouse, lover or partner just exactly where you want to be touched or what you want to hear.

Hopefully this post will help somebody out there and help them open the lines of communication with their significant other.


  1. This is definitely a sensitive subject for many couples. Good for you for giving an open and honest response!

    1. Thank you, I really can't beleive how many couples never talk. I think it goes beyond more than just the bedroom but in all aspects of a relationship. The more you talk with your partner the better.