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Friday, March 8, 2013

Best Pieces of Advice?


I mean really she could probably wipe her nose with $100 bills, bajeezus! But yes she is amazing, who'd thought way back in the 80's hey this chic's got something. Well like many kids my age all of our mothers watched this mogul at 3pm FAITHFULLY! Why? She was magic, her wieght was an issue, her style and yes she is a black beautiful woman.  Anyhow, while I was strutting pass a table I saw this magazine. 101 Best Pieces of Advice EVER! Got me thinking well we could all use a bit of advie from time to time. Well I would sincerely love to thank whom ever ripped the pages out! JERK. Yeah I was totally looking forward to ready this article and yet a huge disappointment. GRRRR So I'm gonna GOOGLE it and see if I can find this darn thing because know I'm on a mission.

1 comment:

  1. Oprah really is amazing. Her accomplishments are unbelievable. It's a total bummer when someone snatches the pages from a good article. I hope you found what your were looking for!